Our Services

  • Website Design

    Get a unique and professionally designed website. We do static websites, dynamic websties and responsive websites to cater the needs for all sizes of organizations. we also do personal websites for celebrities and public figures as well as CV websites for job seakers.

    Professional Website Design
    Professional Website Design

    Take your business to a next step with our professional website design service . Get a high quality website with unique elegant design and user friendly features. We design all types of websites ranging from small websites, medium size websites and large corporate websitea> and ecommerce websites. With a wide range of experience in website designing, Our website design team is dedicated to provide you with a website that cater for your specific requirements. We have expert hand coders for static websites as well as dynamic websites and considering the wide range of devices used to access internet we have a dedicated team for responsive websites.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Stay ahead of your competition, get on the top of search results and increase your sales online with our search engine marketing service. Get more visitors to your website and make your online presence even more profitable.

    Search Engine Marketing
    Search Engine Optimization Company in Tanzania

    Does your website bring you as many inquiries as you expected? Is your website om the first search engine result page for the common keywords related to your business? Our search Engine marketing can help you improve your ranking and get more traffic to your website by advertising your website on the search engine and performing search engine optimization. The process starts with the analysis of your website (to uncover any technical issues that may cause poor performance of your website), the competition analysis of the industry you are operationg and research on the most used keywords for your industry. Our search engine marketing team

  • Social Media Marketing

    Engage your customers and enhance your business relation with social media. Reach new customers and Stay connected with your customers to increase your bottom line with our professional social media marketing service. We create, manage and promote social media pages for businesses of all sizes.

    Social Media Marketing
    Professional Social Media Marketing Serive in Tanzania

    Social media Networks is one of the most prefarable websites by majority of internet users creating a highly potential ground to reach new customers and engage with existing clients. Bencus Marketing Solutions provide most reliable socia media marketing service that cover creation of social media pages, building audience on social media pages, managing contents on social media pages and promoting posts. Our service packages are deisgned to help busiensses get close to potential customers wand our team of dedicated social media marketing expers are available to provide full force service and extensive customer support. Our strategies are focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your company or brand to potential customers.

  • SMS Marketing

    Mobile Technology is one of the most spread technology in the world. Along with other uses, Short Message Service (SMS) provides a great marketing ground as SMS are fast and has highest reach since almost half the population have SMS capable mobile phones and people are attached to their mobile phones for at least 12 hours a day.

    SMS Marketing
    Professional Social Media Marketing Serive in Tanzania

    Tanzania has more than 23 million mobile phone users with over 98% having short message capable mobile phones. With SMS Marketing we send your advertisng message through SMS service, which ensures you quick delivery, high reach, high open rate as 94% of people read their messages within 4 minutes from receiving and most importantly SMS Marketing has quickest response than any other advertising medium. From 2012 to 2013, mobile traffic grew 125 percent while desktop grew a mere 12 percent. Tanzania has more than 20 million mobile phone users with over 5 million smart phone users and these figures are growing exponentially. SMS Marketing is a form of mobile marketing that uses Short Message Service (SMS) to market products, services, events or brands. We have our own enterprising messaging solution that uses state of the art technology. Among the features our SMS Marketing platform has includes; highest message sending rate (it can send up to 10,000 messages per minute), dynamic sender ID (you can use your company name as a sender ID), send single, bulk or group messages, message scheduling, web based address book, delivery reports and many more. Most of our clients use our platform to Generate Sales Leads, to run sales Promotion, to make Follow Ups and sending Reminders, Product or brand Information Sharing, Events Invitations, updates and Cancelation and sending Holiday Greetings.

  • Email Marketing

    Trigger client's hot button with graphical advert sent through Email Marketing to reach highly potential customers in just a click of a mouse. Generate sales trafic and make the most out of your advertising budget. and and start receiving trafic

    Email Marketing
    Professional Email Marketing Serive in Tanzania

    Promote your business through Email marketing to reach thouthands of people in just a click of a mouse.

  • Graphics Design

    The impression of your advert means a lot to the audienc, unattract advert will not only discourage audience to learn more but will also imply that you are not serious and you don't care. Our Graphics Design team is here to make evry aspect of your branding and advertisng impressive to customers.

    Graphics Design
    Creative Graphics Design and Branding Serive in Tanzania

    Make your print and digital media adverts more effective with elegant graphics that makes an impact. Our team of experienced graphics designers will work with you hand in hand to make your your advert is in your corporate theme and the contents of the advert is creatively set to impress and influence actions. Our Creative have experience in corporate identity materials designe (logo, business card, letter head, envelopes, wheel covers, stationaries, TShirts, etc) and advertising materials (flyers, brochures, posters, billboards and roll up banners.)

    Creative Graphics Design and Branding Serive in Tanzania
  • Web Hosting

    For your Internet Marketing Campaigns to be successful you need highly reliable web hosting that will keep your website available around the clock for visiotrs around the world to visit. We have our own hosting servers that provided 99.9% server uptime and many other features.

    Web Hosting
    Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting service in Tanzania

    Get more from your online presence with our web hosting service. get 99.9% server uptime, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited email forwerders, unlimited auto responders, unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited FTP acounts, Pre Installed PHP scripts, Spam Assasin and many more.

  • Domain Registration

    Get a domain name that will make your online presence and digital marketing strategies more succesful. We provide not only domain registration but also professional advice on domain name and domain extension selection.

    Domain Registration
    Domain Names Registration in Tanzania

    A domain name plays a vital part in online marketing, from enhancing brand awareness to acquiring trafice from search engines. Our domain registration service comes with professional advice on domain selection and top level domain selection. We registered both international domains (.com, .org, .biz, .net) and local domains (.co.tz, .go.tz, .tv.tz, .or.tz). If you need a domain name that will support your digital makreting strategies, Bencus Marketing Solutions is the right registrar for you.

  • Training and Seminars

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    Training and Seminars

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